About Terrasystem

… develops innovative processes for the construction industry, architects, craftsmen and not least for the experienced builder.


Whether the construction of streets, sites or roads or terraces and balconies systems, we design environmentally compliant, patented options that complement the asphalt and concrete more than just reasonable.

To round of our portfolio, we offer coating systems for interior and exterior of highly innovative materials which can meet almost all desired requirements. A further field of business involves the gravel stabilization of crushed rock in track construction where by the use of ultramodern dosing technology a specially developed adhesive resin is applied professionally on the crushed rock.

Founded in 2003, we became partners in 2005 with a large German building chemistry.

In this connection, the development has been steadily pushed ahead and not only the improvement of existing systems was striven for, but as well more and more creative solutions for new fields were also developed. We and our partners represent now the reference point for the overall know-how in the fields of applications and systems that are associated with polyurethane and epoxy resin.

With the relocation of the corporate headquarters in January 2013 we extended again our potential considering the strategic background of healthy growth. Our experience from numerous major projects flows naturally also into countless “smaller” construction projects that we and our international partner companies carried out, so that we are competently supervising the sealing of a leaky roof terrace in the same way as the coating of a stadium grandstand or the solidification of a dike site in the North Sea.

We keep environmental sustainability as firmly in mind as professionalism, innovation and quality. If this is or may become also your credo, then we should get to know each other!

Über Terrasystem

The history of our company

In the beginning the idea was a technical revolution. Today it is a reality. The developer of the Terrasystem building material worked 25 years ago in prominent german large-scale enterprises and created the basis of today’s product. He had a leading role in numerous patents. In 2003 the Terrasystem GmbH has been founded and in the same year the developer has joined the company and has been heading the research and development department up to this day. On the basis of the gravel bonding, which was originally developed for railway construction and is still today a main pillar of the Terra Systems GmbH, the process could be modified by the use of synthetic resins and extended to the field of squares, paths and road construction. This resulted in the soil coating permeable to water. This was the answer to the problem of surface sealing in the construction of cities and roads. The increasing density of living space in cities and the constant development of the infrastructure prevent the natural flow of rainwater.


Complex compensatory measures drive up the costs of sealing. The inventor of the Terrasystem building material has found a smart alternative to concrete and asphalt. More efficient, more cost- effective and, moreover, absolutely environmentally friendly. In the following years numerous patents were developed and officially granted. With his team he develops the technical procedures for the creation of different raw materials. Several new areas of applications have been discovered during the research, which will go far beyond the use of the building material as flooring and will appear on the market in the future.

In 2005 TerraSystem GmbH entered into a cooperation agreement with a well- known manufacturer of construction chemicals. In addition to further development of the existing products, as well as the modification of the adhesive resins, the protection of the technical know-how through the application for  protective rights and patents has been substantially promoted. At the same time, new extensive expert opinions were requested and trials were carried out to improve the quality of the products and applications on the one hand and, on the other, to demonstrate their advantages over conventional building materials such as asphalt and concrete. For this purposes the expertise of the Technical University of Munich, was used, with considerable expenses, as well as the noise protection engineering specialist Müller-BBM GmbH. The relevant test reports are available at any time.