Environmental protection at Terrasystem

Outflow coefficient

The outflow coefficient is the ratio of the effective precipitation to the total precipitation. The outflow coefficient thus defines the amount of the precipitation which ultimately flows off after a rain fall after removal of the moistening losses, infiltration losses, evaporation losses and filling losses. A coating of Terra System GmbH has an outflow coefficient of 0, which corresponds to 100% infiltration. For example, a gravel lawn has an outflow coefficient of 0,2 –0,3. An outflow coefficient of 1 means that no water is seeps. Asphalt or concrete surfaces have an outflow coefficient of 0,9, so almost all of the water flows on the surface. Grasscretes with an outflow coefficient of 0,4 to 0,5 are in between.

Environmentally friendly as there is no washout

Compared to asphalt, the TerraSystem GmbH building materials are not leaking dubious substances that are harmful to the environment. The composites are 100% reusable. The products of TerraSystem GmbH are therefore classified into the water hazard class 0 with the corresponding document of compliance.

Nachhaltigkeit und Umweltschutz


TerraSystem GmbH defines environmental sustainability as the goal of preserving nature and the environment for the generations to come. This includes preserving biodiversity, protecting the climate, maintenance of cultural and landscapes areas in their original form as well as a careful handling of the natural environment in general.

Economic sustainability sets a postulate that the economic approach is designed to provide a permanent sustainable basis for earnings and prosperity. Of particular importance here is the protection of economic resources from exploitation. TerraSystem GmbH creates values for sustainable development in modern, ecologically oriented building materials in combination with the economic sustainability. The TerraSystem GmbH feels responsible for ecologically- sustainable development for the protection from exploitation of ecological and economic resources.