Purus Plastics Terrasystem

Sustainable rainwater management

The increasing urbanization, development density and overburden of soils necessitate new and sustainable forms of surface consolidation.

Particularly in agglomerations and industrial areas, soils can less and less fulfil their natural functions, since they are overburdened or condensed by human intervention. Rain can no longer be absorbed, the draining rainwater overloads the sewage system and leads to flooding. The air can no longer be moistened from the ground and thus cooled, there is the formation of so-called heat islands and an increasing deterioration of the microclimate. Once sealed surfaces can only be unsealed with enormous effort. In order to counteract this trend and to make agglomerations greener again, more and more architects and space planners are focusing on seal-free and plantable fastening systems – an investment that is not only ecologically but also economically viable. In addition to the extended lifespan of fixed areas and the saving of energy costs at roof greening, the state offers a variety of monetary incentives: reduction of rainfall charges, crediting of compensatory measures, possibilities to promote seal-free construction projects – also regarding future stricter fastening regulations, a seal-free surface fastening is calculated.

Sealing-free fastening systems made of 100% recycled plastic – Made in Germany! We develop and produce functional and ecological fastening systems for almost all applications in private and public landscaping. Naturally TÜV certified, absolutely environmentally neutral and proven worldwide.

Your advantages

  • Surface fastening without sealing of soil
  • easy and fast installation (up to 100m2 per person / h without machine technology)
  • low own weight (approx. 5.4 to 9.5 kg / m2)
  • high load capacity (up to 350 t/ m2), extremely good surface distribution of load
  • minimal maintenance effort
  • permanent drainage function, high degree of infiltration
  • frost and UV resistant
  • non-slip, weather-resistant, high breaking resistance
  • no surround is required
  • low transport and handling expenses
  • TÜV certified